I’d imagine that most students savvy enough to read HackCollege have a LinkedIn profile set up, but if you’re anything like me, you don’t check it particularly often.

LinkedIn isn’t really designed for students; it’s all about showing off your work history and accomplishments in the business world. But beyond the odd internship or summer job, most college students haven’t yet built a robust resume. Sure, you may be president of the student counsel, and you may have won a prestigious scholarship to your school, but there hasn’t been a great place on LinkedIn to highlight these scholarly accomplishments.

This has changed with the addition of five new profile sections designed to put your in-class achievements front and center.

Projects: – Every student churns out several projects each semester, both independently and as part of a group, and occasionally they are actually impressive. The new projects section is perfect for showing off the best of them

Honors & Awards – Between scholarships, Dean’s Lists, and departmental awards, college can sometimes feel like an end-of-season pizza party for a middle school soccer team, but still, it’s not a bad idea to brag about your most important honors to potential employers.

Organizations – Practically every school has a few hundred student-run organizations. Stick with it long enough, and you’ll probably be an officer in one. Bonus points if you start your own.

Test Scores – It seems silly to me to put your SAT or GRE scores on a public resume, but LinkedIn’s description though mentions that this would also be a good place to add your GPA.

Courses – Not so much a place for an exhaustive course list as a way to highlight the most rigorous classes you’ve attempted. I’d probably skip this one along with test scores, but it may come in handy for science majors looking to stand out.

While hardly game-changing, the new sections are nice for students who feel self conscious about their barren LinkedIn profile.

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