So we were sent a Samsonite Tectonic laptop backpack for review. It’s black, mesh, and large enough to hold a 16″ laptop in velvety, padded comfort. If you’re interested in getting a better look at the thing, we suggest clicking that link–because the backpack is made of black and grey material, the webcam the review was recorded on did not play particularly nicely with it.

The bag is a nice find for someone who really likes their bags to have a lot of pockets, many of them large. There are pockets upon pockets in the bag, and most of them are large enough for me to stick my arm in up to my elbow. Storage needs will be met, if that’s your thing.

So, want the backpack for free? Luckily for you, we are also running a contest for one lucky backpack-wanting student! We’re looking for a way to test the bag out in some new and exciting fashion–the thing is huge, and can clearly carry as many books as you need it to, so there’s no point in showing you that. So, come up with some new way to test the bag (bonus points if it involves fire). If we like your idea the best, we’ll test the bag out with it and ship you the bag once we’re done in whatever condition the test renders it.

The contest ends Friday, so sometime before then, comment here with your test ideas or hit us up on Twitter. We look forward to seeing what crazy things you’ll have us do with the bag.