A lovely notebook like this can be extremely useful while you’re at work to jot down helpful tips. Photo courtesy of levinardo. Licensed under CC BY-2.0.This summer has been a fantastic experience for me in more than one way. As many of my posts this summer have shown, I’ve learned to cook and live on my own for the first time (hooray independence!). Additionally, I’ve also learned quite a lot at my internship, which has been a really incredible job that I really wish I wasn’t leaving in a few weeks. I’ve made what I hope are career-long contacts and have been taught by those who I now consider mentors.

Since this job has been such a great learning experience for me, I’ve been given so many pieces of advice that it’s incredibly hard to keep track of them. Because of this, I’ve taken to carrying around a small notebook with me where I have been writing down nearly every bit of advice that has been given to me. It’s been extremely useful because I have a notoriously horrendous short term memory, and so now I have a little notebook full of fantastic advice from my summer mentors.

I think that anyone who is working in a job in their desired field should jot down notes in a small notebook to create your own little industry how-to booklet. Whether it’s technical skills you’re learning or industry knowledge, having a small notebook to write it down in will help you keep track of all of the things you learn at your job or internship.

Do you carry a notebook with you at your job? Does it help you? Let us know in the comments!