Hello again! It’s time for another edition of Watch, Read, Make. This week we’ve got elephants with new fake feet, Shep taking over Lifehacker, and a delicious summer cocktail recipe. Summer’s coming to an end, so it’s time to pack in the weekend with interesting things.

Watch: The above video shows an elephant who had part of his foot taken off (probably by poachers) getting a new prosthetic foot. From a technology point of view, it’s pretty cool (they are putting a fake foot on a very large animal), and from a human point of view, it’s an elephant with a prosthetic foot. The video comes via Jezebel, where a little more information about the elephant can be had.

Read: Our very own Shep is Lifehacker’s weekend writer for today. You should go read his posts, if you’re not a regular Lifehacker reader. The first one is here, talking about a service that lets you put stickynotes on all the webpages you view in Chrome or use a browser extension to sync notes between Chrome installations. If you’re looking for a notetaking app, check it out. In non-staff reading, you should check out this summary from Reddit (on BoingBoing) of the debt ceiling, as one might explain it to a five-year-old.

Make: This recipe for a Gin and St. Germian cocktail up at Pink of Perfection looks delicious. Mix one up and drink it on a patio. (If you cannot find a patio, a stoop will also work, or a sunny spot in a dining hall. Play around with it.) Let us know if any of you make up a batch!