Everyone loves Angry Birds. Photo courtesy of author.All this week the HackCollege writers are showing off their phones’ home screens and discussing their favorite apps.

As an Android user, I’ve got the option of using multiple home screens and I do. I’ve opted to show the home screen that I’ve loaded the most with apps, and since I’m a cheapskate, they’re all free.

Dropbox (Free)

A steady around HackCollege, Dropbox is the best for backing up your desktop. I put all my notable text files, images, documents, and important downloads in my Dropbox so I can have them with me at all times.

Angry Birds (Free)

The ultimate in procrastination, stress relief, and killing time on bus rides around campus. It’s a cultural phenomenon at this point.

GetGlue (Free)

Yet another social network that I’ve joined, thanks to Shark Week. Allows me to gather stickers for whatever entertainment I’m checking in to – music, movies, TV, whatever.

Wells Fargo (Free)

The app that’s saved me more than anything else. I remember my times at my hometown Irish pub, Liam Fitpatrick’s, or out with the boys at Hooters where I get the waitress to embarass me by telling me I’m out of money. Not so fast, my friend. With the Wells Fargo app, I’m a touch away from transferring more money and knowing my balance at all times.