The internet is a wonderful place, full of knowledge and awesomeness. However, it is also full of headache-inducing graphics, fonts, and ads. How are we supposed to learn with all of this crap clogging up the internet? We just want to read our articles in peace. Stop assaulting our eyes, you horrible internet monsters! We just want to read!

Well, thankfully Readability thinks the same thing. By downloading this little browser extension for Chrome (woot!) and Firefox, you can turn visually harmful websites into beautifully simple pages with uniform font that can be easily read with just a click of the Readability button. It’s really pretty awesome, and I think I’m going to be using it quite a bit. In addition to simplifying pages to read them, you can also send them to your Kindle, which is definitely awesome.

You can grab this browser extension over at

[via Maximum PC]