The snapping feature that Windows 7 offers is pretty much awesome, and as the only PC user on the HackCollege staff, I can say “ha.” But anyways, by downloading the Chameleon Window Manager, you can make window snapping on your PC even more awesome. This download adds up to six buttons on your windows title bar (you can see them in the picture above). They add the options to snap the window left, snap it right, change the window transparency, always have the window on top, hide everything but the title bar, and minimize the whole window to the system tray.

Yes, you can make keyboard shortcuts for these commands, but personally, I like having them up in the top right corner where all of the other window size control buttons are. It makes everything so nice and organized. Because I usually have so many windows open at once while I work, it’s really nice to just be able to snap a window with a click of a button.

This download is for PCs only, and free for Windows XP and up. Download it here.

[via Lifehacker]