Yes, they’re shaking hands. Image courtesy of the author. Licensed under CC BY-NC-2.0.So, as you may have noticed from Sean’s post earlier this week, it’s kind of hard to screen shot an Android phone–at least without rooting it. (His images were taken with another smartphone’s camera.) Given that the other smartphone users in my house are AWOL and my homescreen is not that exciting, I present to you instead my phone wallpaper, which was taken with my Optimus V‘s built-in camera. For the full phone experience, just imagine some small squares over the dinosaurs.

Now, on to the apps! I use many of the apps already covered here (particularly Evernote), but I’ll try to avoid being redundant. In addition, I’m leaving out Twitter, Foursquare, and the GroupMe app, because they’re easy.*

Fruit Ninja ($1.27):

I only even know this game exists because Shep and Laura introduced me to it at SXSW. Despite its weird price tag, it is a truly excellent purchase. If you’re not familiar with the game, it’s a mindless touch-screen time-killer in which you use your finger to slice apart fruit and avoid bombs. It is the best possible way to use the random 3-minute intervals I have waiting for the bus, and it’s the only game my entire family enjoys.

TransLoc (Free):

If your school has an on-campus shuttle service that uses TransLoc, download this app. It allows you to pick the transit route your looking for, and then will tell you where the nearest stop is and how long it’s likely to be until a new bus comes along. You can even follow the buses along a map in real time. It’s super-useful if you’re a transit user.

TuneIn Radio (Free):

I have an embarrassing love for really bad pop music. This app lets me listen in on the web streams of any of my favorite radio stations and will stream podcasts. Particularly if you don’t like to store a lot of music locally, and want to keep up on recent music rather than just the music you like (which will happen with Pandora), it’s a great little app.

Google Navigation (Free):

I’m pretty much convinced that this is one of the few things that Google does better than it’s iOS-y cousins. The navigation app for Android phones is truly, awesomely phenomenal. Of particular fun is the ability to tell your phone where you want to go, rather than typing it in.

Savage Love (Free for Android/$1.99 for iOS):

When I’m not playing around on Fruit Ninja, this is how I kill time. The app presents a daily advice column letter and response written by Dan Savage, the author of the sex advice column Savage Love. If you like his column, the app’s great–it gives you easy access to the daily letters, the Savage Love podcasts, and (should you be so inclined) a button to ask Dan a question.

* And the OKCupid app, because it’s embarrassing. And kind of a sucky app. But, you know, great site!