Earbuds sleeping = bedphones. Photo courtesy of Engadget. I am the type of person who has to have some sort of loud, constant white noise for me to fall asleep. It drowns out noisy roommates and suitemates and just helps my body calm down from the chaos of the day. However, with a roommate sleeping in the same room, I couldn’t exactly put on a loud white noise track on through my speakers and expect her to be okay with it. Thus, I used my earbuds and iPod to play a nice soothing track to fall asleep to.

When I tell people that this is how I slept throughout my entire junior year of college, they usually say that they can’t sleep with earbuds in their ears. Even though I never had this problem, I can understand how headphones can be super annoying when you’re trying to sleep. Thus, introduce Bedphones, customized earphones that are designed specifically to fit around your ears to be comfortable while you sleep. Genius, and for only $30.

However, the most genius part about this product is the accompanying Android app which you can download for free. Based on what settings you decide on, the app will slowly lower the volume of your music and even shut it off when you fall asleep, which it apparently determines based on your movement. I don’t know how that works, but it sounds pretty darn awesome to me.

For college students on a budget who can’t afford those super expensive sleeping earbuds, Bedphones sounds like a great solution to the noisy dorm halls that can make it almost impossible to sleep. Check them out here.

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