Hello, hello, hello. On this week’s Watch, Read, Make, we’ve got Stephen Fry, a criticism of Google ‘s “real names” policy, and delicious, horrible s’mores. It’s a full weekend, for those of you who wish to take on the list!

Watch: Stephen Fry was one of the first two people to own a mac in the UK–Douglas Adams being the other. In addition to being Hugh Laurie’s college friend and an actor in his own right, he’s an advocate for open source software, and kind of a nerd. Here he’s explaining GNU and talking about the open software movement. Part of the fun, even if you’re already familiar with the history of Linux/GNU/free-as-in-freedom software, is hearing him enunciate the words in a soothing, British accent. If you have a family member who you’d like to explain open source to, here’s a good video to do it with. He’s delightful! (Also worth a look: this dashing animated GIF of a young Fry.)

Read: This article by danah boyd on Google ‘s real names policy does a good job of summarizing why the policy is so very problematic for people on a safety level as well as a stupid-decision level. For those of our readers who don’t pay attention to activist circles, Google has a history of forcing users to share–their real names, here, but in the past it’s been things like forcing users to opt out of having their Google Buzz locations shared. For those who are worried about their safety (primarily women, social justice workers, young people, LGBTQ folks, and people of color), this is a problematic policy. Given that there’s already been several surveys that have shown Google to be dominated by men, who are least likely to be affected by the policy, it’s troubling. boyd’s reporting is always nice for its awareness of both social justice issues (she works with youth and social media) and technology (she works on those issues for Microsoft).

Make: Would you like to make s’mores that are incredibly ridiculous? (Or course you would.) Then may I present to you the s’mores pop tarts s’mores. It’s a s’more, but instead of graham crackers (which suck), you have s’mores poptarts (which are awesome). Go make some and send us photos.