All this week HackCollege writers are showing off their phones’ home screens and discussing their favorite apps.

Being still fairly new to the iPhone family, I still am feeling out the best apps to use. I have a habit of reorganizing my home screen every so often to make make room for new favorite apps. Here are the ones that I use most often.

Netflix (Free)

As a television aficionado, I absolutely adore the Netflix app. No matter where I am, I can open the app and catch up on TV shows I’ve been meaning to get through. I especially use this app when I work out. I simply prop my phone on the little stand on my exercise machine and power through my work out while watching Doctor Who. It makes working out so much more fun.

Groupon (Free)

I think every college student should have this app on their phone. Finding fun things to do while balancing a full time class schedule can be difficult, and finding inexpensive things to do is even harder. Groupon helps you find discounted activities, meals, sales, etc, in the area around you. It’s a great idea source when looking for things to do around town, and it might even inspire you to do something new– at a fraction of the original cost.

Amazon Mobile (Free)

I am forever buying things off Amazon, whether it’s books or awesome little decorations or gadgets that I simply must have. This app helps me search for what I’m looking for and compare similar products. It also lets me track my shipped items, which I do about every hour after I have a confirmed order (I am not known for my patience). For anyone who frequents Amazon, I’d definitely recommend this app.

NHL GameCenter (Free)

I am also a huge hockey fan (Dallas Stars, baby) and so during hockey season, I check this app at least once a day to keep up with stats and team news. It features instant push notifications for goals and an awesome play by play mode so you can keep up with the game even if you can’t watch the game.

Kindle (Free)

I love my Kindle dearly, but I don’t always have it on hand. When I’m stuck waiting unexpectedly, it’s nice to just grab my phone and read a couple of pages of that book I had to put down earlier. You can load all of your purchased books on this app so that even if you leave your Kindle at home, you always have your books on hand.