All this week HackCollege writers are showing off their phones’ home screens and discussing their favorite apps.

I’m a guy who uses his phone in nearly all aspects of daily life. My phone is my alarm clock, car jukebox, GPS, newspaper, pen, paper and communication device. I find it comical that the Phone app of my iPhone is buried in a folder. Truthfully, my iPhone is so much more than just a phone to me. Here’s a look at some of my favorite apps.



OmniFocus is my “Getting Things Done” system of choice, it gets used so much that it has earned itself a place on my iPhone’s dock. Choosing a task management system can be tough, OmniFocus has my vote for on-the-go sync and the flexibility to accommodate a tricky use scenario like college. If you see me on my phone in class, it’s because I’m adding a task to my OmniFocus Inbox.



Much like Spotify, Rdio is a subscription model based music service. Although the jury is out on the which is better, I subscribe to Rdio because it’s available in Canada unlike Spotify. Rdio allows you to stream music over Wi-Fi or 3G from their vast music catalogue straight to your phone. If you know you’re going to be in an area with poor reception, you can sync the track to your device for offline listening. Well this is all well and good, Rdio is a favourite of mine for their Match Collection feature which reads your iTunes database file and matches your library with your Rdio Collection. My music library is tipping the scales at just over 100GB, far too big to keep on my iPhone. Rdio gives me access to my whole library on-the-go.

Dragon Remote Microphone


Dragon Dictate on the Mac is a crucial part of my textbook reading workflow, I’ve nearly cut the amount of time it takes to read and takes notes on assigned readings by half using it. At home I dictate into a Blue Yeti Microphone, but when I’m away from my desk, I found my Mac’s built-in microphone too poor to use for dictation. Dragon’s recently released Remote Microphone app for Dragon Dictate 2.5 allows you to use your iPhone’s excellent noise cancelling microphone for dictation. Although I don’t use this app daily, it’s just too cool not to mention. Perfect use scenario: home for Thanksgiving with a pile of reading to do.

Pzizz Energizer


I wrote about the pseudoscience of the binaural beat generator Pzizz almost a year ago, and yet I still use it several times a week for supercharging my naps. Whether the calming tones have become a behavioural cue that it’s nap time or that brainwave entertainment actually does work, I find it easier to fall asleep and consistently wake up feeling more refreshed when napping with Pzizz.

Apple Remote


Seriously, the Apple Remote app doesn’t get nearly enough credit. Not only does it allow you to control your iTunes media library without touching your computer, you can use it to control media sent to an Airplay enabled device anywhere in your house. I use Remote almost daily in the kitchen, where I have a set of speakers hooked up to an Aiport Express. With my Mac upstaris, I can stream any audio from my library directly to the speakers. As I wrote about last year, the Remote app is a key part of my party music setup to ensure my expensive devices don’t get damaged by intoxicated guests.