I’ve picked the winner of the Samsonite backpack, and completed the suggested test. I picked Joseph Gilbert’s suggested test, because it had the best ratio of feasible to amusing for me. The test involved trying to cram the backpack full of a Friday’s worth of material, spilling red wine on it, and–most entertainingly–running it through the dishwasher. The review’s in two parts, since it took a while to dishwash the thing.

The bag was pretty amazingly durable, and the tests actually improved my opinion of the bag compared to my initial review. If you live in a rainy climate and have had bags which were not as waterproof as claimed (an issue several of our readers said they’d had), then do take a look at the bag–it really does seem to be as water-resistant as it is excessively padded. I still thing the bag is probably overkill for most folks in a hot climate, though–the padding which makes it so water-resistant will probably make it incredibly hot to wear.