Bee stings suck. Photo courtesy of Pinti 1. Licensed under CC BY-2.0.Summer is a time of internships, new opportunities, running around outside and having fun in the sun (although, in Texas 50 days in triple digits hardly qualifies as “fun”). However, while enjoying summer outside, you might come into contact with some unpleasantness like bug bites, sunburns, and bee stings. With a few natural cures though, these paints won’t ruin your summer fun.

Bee Stings

I have been stung by bees multiple times and it sucks. Before doing anything though, make sure you take out the stinger, either with tweezers or by scraping it out with a credit card. The faster you take it out, the less painful the sting will be. After you’ve taken the stinger out, dab some meat tenderizer on the area. For even more effective pain relief, combine it with vinegar. The meat tenderizer contains an enzyme that helps break down the bee venom. The combination of meat tenderizer and vinegar also works well with jellyfish stings, which you might get on your beach vacation, especially down south.

Of course, you could always dull the pain of a bee sting with a cigarette too.


We all know that aloe helps sunburns feel better. Aloe gel taken directly from an aloe plant works just as well as the stuff we buy in the store, so you can save yourself a trip to the store if you just keep an aloe plant around your place. Plus, then you have a nice little cute plant. Other sunburn treatments include vinegar, milk, tea, and topical aspirin. For a full list, check out this article on homemade sunburn remedies.

Itchy Bites and Rashes

It seems like every time I step outside in the summer, I am attacked by ants, spiders, or mosquitoes. Itching bug bites isn’t fun, so to stop the itch try putting a dab of toothpaste on the bite. Additionally, vinegar and meat tenderizer also works as good itchy bug bite soothers.

For rashes like poison ivy, oatmeal is actually a really good way to dull the pain. For rashes that cover a large part of your body, you could try an oatmeal bath (find out how to make one here). For smaller areas, like just an arm or a foot, a paste made of oatmeal and water will suffice.

Do you have anymore natural cures for summer ailments? Let us know in the comments!