Fitted sheets suck. A lot. Photo courtesy of cogdogblog. Licensed under CC BY-2.0.Let’s face the facts. Folding laundry is a drag enough, but man, when it comes to those fitted sheets. They really, really suck. They aren’t even a proper shape. They’re a blah shape. A non-shape. How can you fold something that is non-shaped?

The answer is by watching this video. It lists and visually demonstrates the steps that you’ll need to fold a fitted sheet. Check out the full video over at Lifehacker. Here are the steps as listed: 

  1. Take the sheet out of the dryer and shake it.
  2. Lay the sheet down with the long side facing you (across your body).
  3. Stick your finers into the botton left corner.
  4. Take the opposite corner right above it and pull it over the corner in your hand
  5. Repeat on the right side. Place your right hand in the bottom right corner, then pull the opposite corner over it. You’ll now be holding the corners in each hand.
  6. Turn the corners in your left hand over the corners you’re holding in the right. Now all four corners will be on your right hand.
  7. Lay down this new square and smooth it out.
  8. Square off the corners as best you can.
  9. Fold into rectangles

 And voila! You have a fitted folded sheet!

[via Lifehacker]