Startino is a pretty sweet, free task manager.I’ve never really been one for online to do lists. I’m much more of a physical notebook kind of to-do-lister. It’s always there when I need it, and I just think better when I write things down. However, I am pretty intrigued by Startino, which is a free online task manager that has a very simple interface that actually make organizing your stuff easy. Some sites that provide task managing features actually end up complicating the whole thing. Startino, however, is very simple to use and understand.

According to its website, “Startino is a free web-based to-do list. It is designed to be straight-forward, with a simply interface and layout. Therefore, by design, it doesn’t offer any sophisticated features . However, it is quite sufficient for managing one’s daily personal and/or professional tasks. An advantage of Startino is that it incorporates a Google search box, so that if you set up Startino as your browser’s homepage, you will always have your tasks right in front of you.”

You can sign up for Startino’s features for free with any Google account. I think the most interesting thing about Startino, besides its easy to use features, is that you can share tasks and to do lists with other people. If there is every a major group project that you are working on in a class, you can start a new list with your group members and assign everyone a list so that everyone knows exactly what he or she is responsible for.

For anyone who has had a group project nightmare, Startino might end up helping you in future group projects. (And for kicks, here is some bonus reading on group projects.)

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[via Addictive Tips]