Being a student means writing a lot of papers, but if you actually want to get good grades on them, it’s usually best to let another set of eyes check them over. Unfortunately, your friends are busy and usually not interested, so what should you do? Put your faith in the online masses of course!

Kibin is a new service that connects you with other users who will proofread your paper, for free. The catch is, in order to get your paper checked, you have to proofread someone else’s first. It’s all based on a credit system, where you earn credits for reading, and spend them to be read. If you don’t have time help others, you can pay to get your paper read at a rate of $.01 per word. Sounds cheap, but you might need to scrimp and save for a long term paper. 

Kibin’s staff doesn’t actually do any proofreading, but they do scan each completed paper for quality standards before handing out credits, and their criteria sound pretty strict. They want editors to offer advice about a paper’s overall structure, not just point out a few comma splices. This does mean you’ll need to invest some time to build up your credit bank, but you can expect the same care in return. 

[Via Lifehacker]