Congrats on the new apartment! But you might be missing a few things… Photo courtesy of crschmidt. Licensed under CC BY-2.0.Okay, call me crazy, but when I moved into my apartment on Monday (!!!), there were a few things that I had forgotten to bring or buy for my new place. I would go to grab something from a cabinet and drawer and all of a sudden realize, “Oh. Dammit.” So here is a list of a few things that I found that I didn’t even think about needing until I all of a sudden needed them. Hopefully you remember them as you move into your new place.

  • Toilet Paper – Clearly, this was a stupid thing to forget. But let me just tell you, it is super awkward to take a quick bathroom break as you are moving in all of your stuff and then realize that you didn’t bring any toilet paper with you.
  • Kitchen Garbage Can – I packed my dorm room trash can that I’ve had since freshman year, but it’s pretty bitty and is definitely not study enough to be my kitchen trash can. Until I went out to Target to buy one, I just used a plastic grocery bag hung on my pantry door handle. However, having a kitchen trash can is pretty important, especially when you start cooking.
  • Paper Towels – It’s really annoying to try to find something to wipe up a drop of milk and realize that you have nothing.
  • Dish Detergent – Again, this is so obvious. You need dish detergent now that you have a dishwasher. DUH. However, never having a dishwasher when I went back to college, I completely blanked, and realized I couldn’t wash my dishes until I ran out to the grocery. Again.
  • Salt and Pepper – Usually when I go on my grocery runs, salt and pepper aren’t on my list because they’re just always there. They’re the ominpresent seasonings. However, in a new apartment, they are, quite obviously, not there. Put them on your shopping list to avoid dinner sadness.
  • Soap – Another thing that I took for granted as always being there was soap, both dishsoap and hand soap. It’s hard to wash anything when you don’t have it.

What were some of the things you totally spaced on packing or buying when you moved into your apartment? Let us know in the comments!