Ramen. The ultimate college food staple. Photo courtesy of heyjoewhereyougoinwiththatguninyour hand. Licensed under CC BY-2.0.Whether you’re a little bitty freshman or a big bad senior, as a college student, you know that an unhealthily large portion of your diet is usually made up of ramen noodles. Usually, this begins to taper off as you become older and learn how to cook for yourself, but Ramen is so easy to fix and it just offers a nice little meal whenever you reallly need it late at night.

However, eating ramen noodles does have its downsides. For one, it’s not very filling. Secondly, you look kind of ridiculous when you have several meals in a row that are all ramen. So in order to cure those ramen blues, here are some great ramen recipes that you can cook with your favorite noodles to add some variety and something that will actually stick to your ribs to fill you up.

  • Ramen Salads – What? A way to eat ramen noodles that is healthy? What is this? Well, there are actually a variety of ways that you can mix noodles and salads that are both delicious and healthy. A very common and tasty one, especially in the hot summer months, is a cabbage salad, a recipe for which can be found here. It can make a great side dish, or if you just add some beans or diced chicken for protein, you’ve got yourself a meal. For more ramen salad recipes, check out this site.
  • Easy-To-Make Pad Thai – If you’d like a more authentic way to eat your ramen noodles, try out this delicious and easy recipe that is vegetarian friendly. Add some soy sauce, seseme oil, and you’re good to go.
  • Ramen Pizza – No, this isn’t madness (nor is it Sparta), because here is an official recipe of ramen pizza from Top Ramen. This page also includes some other tasty ramen meal alternatives, but I’m pretty much sold on the pizza thing.
  • Ramen and Egg – This is perhaps my boyfriend’s favorite ramen recipe of all time just because it’s so easy to make. After you make a cook a package of regular ramen noodles, strain them, and put them back in the pot, crack an egg into the pot. Mix it around for several minutes until the egg is no longer liquidy. The heat of the hot noodles will actually cook the egg as you stir it. This adds flavor and protein (which will fill you up). After you’ve done that, add in your favorite seasonings (he opts for garlic salt and soy sauce, which is delish), and you’ve got yourself a great new way to eat ramen.

 What are your favorite ways to eat ramen? Let us know in the comments!

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