Welcome back to Watch, Read, Make, your guide to neat things to start off your weekend. This week, we’ve got drunken Dante, a recipe for school success, and a way to organize your no-doubt many notebooks. Vive le weekend!

Watch: The above (incredibly NSFW) video is a retelling of Dante’s Inferno. It comes from Better Myths, where a shirtless, angry man creates what is essentially a series of the best Cliff Notes ever. The retellings of the myths are hysterical, and the mythologies they cover are wide-ranging (you can get anything from Beowulf to obscure Mayan legends, along with Shakespeare). If you want to kill six hours, this is a fabulous way to do it. It’s like a delightful, drunken English lecture!

Read: Breaking the Glass Ceiling: A Back To School Manifesto, up on CollegeInfoGeek, is something to read if you’ve ever sworn to yourself that this is going to be your 4.0 semester. It’s about how the K-12 school system, leading into college, encourages students to do just well enough for a good grade, rather than attempting to excel. Though we encourage students to avoid investing more effort than needed into things that really don’t matter (and that will be true for some of your schoolwork) that is in part so that you can–as the article puts it–bust through the glass ceiling and really excel at the things that matter to you. Go forth, read the article, and kick ass!

Make: This DIY vintage book tech travel caddy is delightful. The tutorial shows you how to turn a vintage book into a folder to hold tech chargers and a notebook. The original is intended for travelers (so you don’t have to dig headphones out of the bottom of your carry-on), but it would work just as well for students trying to keep things organized in a crammed-full backpack. I can see it being particularly useful as a way to keep your agenda from getting smushed in the bottom of a backpack, replacing the notebook used in the original. Used books can usually be found for cheap at near-to-campus used bookstores or when librarians are culling your university’s collection. If you wind up making it, let us know!