Barnes & Noble’s Nook is so pretty. Photo courtesy of somegeekintn. Licensed under CC BY-2.0.Nooks are pretty darn awesome (although I prefer my Kindle, but that’s a different story), and Barnes and Noble has come up with a back to school deal that is about to make them even more awesome. If you purchase and register a Nook before October 31st, you will receive 12 free classic books, which include A Tale of Two Cities, Crime and Punishment, and The Metamorphasis. In addition to these 12 books, you will also get Spark Notes for a dozen books like One Hundred Years of Solitude, 1984, and The Catcher in the Rye. Additional features of this giveaway include study guides (like “50 Survival Tips: How to Win at College”) and some Nook Color apps.

If you’re considering purchasing an eReader, consider the Nook and this awesome package that comes with it. Total, this package is estimated at being worth over $100. Check out more details about this deal at Barnes & Noble.

[via Engadget and Barnes & Noble]