Even in today’s modern world, many older dorm buildings still haven’t been retrofitted with air conditioning. While this might not a huge deal come Autumn, that’s no excuse to be miserable during the tail end of summer. Luckily, with just a few cheap supplies you can build your own portable air conditioning unit that will make you the envy of your hallmates.
We’re no strangers to DIY Air conditioners, but this design is incredibly simple and portable. You can get the full rundown at Instructables, but essentially you’ll be using a PC fan cut into the lid of the cooler to suck in the warm air in your room. Inside the cooler you’ll need to keep a supply of ice, icepacks, or cold soda cans to keep the temperature in the cooler down. The newly-chilled air will then escape through a standard AC vent mounted on the other side of the lid.

While this isn’t going to match the performance of a legitimate window unit, it should be sufficient to keep a tiny dorm room comfortably cooled until mother nature turns off the oven. One consideration to watch out for is how you’ll power the fan. Since PC fans don’t use standard AC power, you can get a converter that will let you plug it into any outlet, or choose a USB-powered fan that you can power with any laptop or iPod wall charger. 

How do you keep cool in a hot dorm room? Let us know in the comments!

Image by Instructables contributor Pretty Idiot Productions