Moving into your own student house or apartment is an exciting adventure. You’ll learn how to cook, clean and maybe even unclog a toilet. Moving away from Mom and Dad also means that you may have to become the resident Handyman or Handywoman of the house. Fret not, you can accomplish most jobs around the house with the right tools and a little guidance.

Buy the Essentials

First things first, you’re going to need some tools. After all, it’s hard to screw a screw without a screwdriver or nail a nail without a nail…hammer. I’m not saying you need to go out and pick up a set of professional tools, but it’s good to have the basics around the house just in case something breaks. This Apollo General Tool Set should be enough to keep you covered, ladies it even comes in pink.

Prevent Paint Drips

There’s tons of resources online that can show you how to paint a room, so I’ll leave the teaching to the pros. However, I do have one little tip that can save you a fair amount of frustration when painting your new bedroom. Although using a paint roller is pretty straightforward, a small change in technique can prevent the dreaded drip lines we’ve all fought with. On your first stroke after dipping the roller in paint, roll upwards as opposed to down, this prevents paint from pooling underneath your roller that will result in paint drips down the wall. Also, before painting, check if it’s okay with your landlord. Some put up a big fuss about painting, while others encourage it. For example, my last landlord covered the cost of all materials when I painted my room as long as I didn’t use dark colors.

Mount Pictures and Shelves Properly

There’s nothing worse than an unstable shelf or a picture that seems to accelerate towards the earth quicker than 9.81 m/s^2. The most probable cause of your woes? You missed the stud. Sure, you can knock around and try to guess the location of a stud in the wall, but in the end, the deck is stacked against you. Electronic stud finders are so cheap these days, it doesn’t make sense not to pick one up. These magnificent little devices sense the changing density of the wall and will alert you once you’re overtop of a stud. I wouldn’t feel comfortable mounting my cherished belongings any other way.

Magically Stick Your Keys to a Light Switch

If you’re like me, the task of figuring out where you left your keys is just a part of your everyday routine. Sure, you could mount a key hook to give your keys a home, but let’s be honest, a magnetic light switch is way cooler. This simple little hack is nothing more than a strong neodymium magnetic placed inside your light socket. Instructables has the details.

Well, there have you have it folks. Hopefully these simple tips will get you on you’re way to pimpin’ and fixin’ your new student house. If something does break, Google is always there to help.