Lists are a good thing. As long as you know what they mean. Photo courtesy of Flickr user CC BY-2.0.From your residence hall floormates to your student organization compadres, college is not a hard place to meet friends. Leaving your hometown for the summer usually means your interest in your hometown friends’ activities begins to wane – and isn’t worth cluttering your News Feed or Timeline for the upcoming year.

That’s where Facebook and Twitter lists come into effect. Don’t want to hear about what’s going on in Kalamazoo when you’re in Ann Arbor or in Charlotte when you’re in Chapel Hill? Technology has your fix.

It’s worth noting that this can be a time-intensive project. I’ve got over 2000 Facebook friends and follow over 1000 people on Twitter, so discriminating people into lists by their location took a gigantic chunk of time. If you’re in a similar boat, I recommend splitting this up over a couple days.

To create a friends list on Facebook, go to “Account” then “Edit Friends” in the top toolbar, then “Create a List”, and select users for your list. It could be location or organization-based. On Twitter, it’s a bit more complicated. Go to “Lists > Create a List” from your timeline. After adding a name and description and deciding whether or not you want to share this with the world (protip: if you debate it, go private), you’ll go to your list of followers, click the gears icon, and add each user to your list individually.

Discrimination isn’t ALWAYS a bad thing.