Trail mix is an awesome snack for super busy students. Photo courtesy of Flickr user ilovemypit. Licensed under CC BY-2.0.Sometimes our college class schedules are too busy for us to even just sit down and spare a few minutes for a bite to eat. Or sometimes those lines in the dining hall at lunch time are way too long. At HackCollege, we love on-the-go snacking and have written posts about what the best snacks are. This year, I’ll be adding a couple of things to that list so that you have a wider variety of snacks to choose from as you start off your busy year.

Trail Mix

Duh. Trail mix is the most awesomest thing ever when it comes to eating on-the-go. It’s salty, it’s sweet, and if you make it just right, it’s chocolatey. The best part about it is that nuts are a great source of protein, so it won’t just give you something to eat, it will actually hold you over until your next meal. College campuses usually have a great selection of trail mixes, or you could make your own by combining your favorite nuts, chocolate pieces, and dried fruit. Or you could check out former HackCollege writer Chris’s own trail mix recipe.

Roasted Chickpeas

This is a really great alternative for those who have peanut allergies. Chickpeas are also a great source of fiber and protein, so they’re a healthy choice as well. To roast chickpeas, simply rinse and dry them, toss them with olive oil, mix with your choice of seasoning, and bake them in the oven. Check out more about chickpeas here.

Whole Fruit

Fruit is not only good for you, it’s a delicious and sweet snack. Pack an apple, banana, or my personal favorites little clemmentines. They’re such a fresh break from processed food, and fit perfectly in a bag inside my backpack. The best part about whole fruit is that it takes about two seconds to put in a bag– no prep time!

Sliced Vegetables

Just as healthy as fruit, we’ve got your vegetables now. Grab a cucumber and slice it into little chips, and hey,  you’ve got yourself a delicious, healthy snack to munch on as you hurry between classes. Baby carrots are my personal favorite quick veggie snack, but you could also have some celery, snap peas, and sliced bell peppers. To make the vegetables a little more filling, pack a small jar of peanut butter to add some protein to your snack.

What on-the-go snacks do you eat when you don’t have time for a normal lunch? Let us know in the comments!

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