My two friends with odd names who volunteered to be my test case. Screenshot taken by author.Ahh, the sight of parents lugging large items across campus and the parking situation a nightmare again – it must be time for college students to be heading back for the fall semester. And with heading back for the fall semester, the inevitable drop/add period for students returns. Now, it is the mighty warrior who masters this period – getting the class at the desired time right as another student drops it or dropping their class due to disinterest or difficulty – and we here at HackCollege like to equip our collegiate warriors with the beast weapons they can muster.

Enter Facebook. You’ve seen him around town before, usually prodding with notifications for FarmVille or The Sims Social and occasionally displaying that not-so-flattering picture. But did you know that Facebook, current sovereign king of social networking, can also help you get that easy 1000-level class you’ve always dreamed of?

With Facebook’s new group chat feature, students can link up through mutual friends when they intend to drop a class and another friend wants to add it. I connected two random strangers who happened upon this state, and the drop/add was done as quickly as it was planned. Presto.

The recent changes to Facebook Chat have mixed reviews, but this solution easily provides students an outlet to enhance their academic experience.