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Sometimes it’s hard to get back into the mentality of going to school again. Your brain is still resisting thinking about those complicated equations and theories, and wishes it was back in bed in summer. In order to get you back into the right mind set, HerCampus wrote a great article about how to start off your first week of college right. These are great tips for freshmen and upperclass students alike because everyone needs a little reminder of what it takes to be awesome your first week. You can check out HerCampus’ full article here, and here are several of the tips that I thought are the most helpful.

Map Out Your Schedule

There is nothing worse than having no idea where you’re going on your first day of class. I am extremely directionally challenged, and so it makes me incredibly nervous to not know where I’m going. To prevent a panic attack in the ten minutes between classes where I’m supposed to find my next class, I map out my schedule ahead of time so I know exactly where I need to go. I write down exactly when each of my classes are and what room they’re in. Obviously, being me, I color coordinate this too.

The next thing you should do is go to every classroom that you’ll be in that semester. You may know kind of sort of where the room is in that building that is possibly over there, but in order to make sure you’re not late for anything, you’re best bet is to actually go to the classroom so you can be absolutely sure you know where you’re going on your first day of classes.

Get to Class Early

This may seem like a super nerdy, brown-nosing technique, but it is actually a really good tip. You will make a good impression on your professor if you show up early. Also, you’ll be able to settle yourself into your surroundings if you get there earlier. Take out your notebooks, your notes, and maybe your laptop so that you’re ready exactly when class starts. It really sucks when you slip in the door at the last minute, and you’re still pulling out your belongings as the professor starts his or her lecture.

Getting to class early also ensures that you’ll have your ideal pick of seating choices. Sitting in the front is often a good choice because you’ll be able to make sure you’re not sitting behind a guy on the basketball team who completely blocks your view of the board. Sometimes it also helps to sit at the front because professors can be hard to hear, especially if they have accents or are just soft-spoken. Adjust yourself in the classroom to make sure you are getting everything out of class that you can.

Keep An Eye Out for Potential Study Buddies

It may seem early in the semester to be looking for someone to study with, but it’s never too early in fact. You may already have a friend in the class. If you don’t, make conversation with the people next to you. Try to gauge what kind of student they are. If you notice them taking extremely detailed notes, be friendly to them and then when it comes time to study, you’ll already have a relationship built so that you can form a rocking study connection that will help both of you ace the test.

This is also a really good thing to do even if you don’t like studying with people, like me. I like to keep my eyes on who takes good notes in case I fall sick later in the semester. It’s good to know who you can trust to take good notes so that you know what was going on in class while you were gone.

Explore Other Buildings on Campus

This is a really great tip that HerCampus gave and that even as a senior I plan on using this semester. Once you know where all your classes are, you might feel that you don’t even need to go into the other buildings on campus. For example, as a Communication and Classics major, I don’t think I’ve ever even set foot in the engineering building. But it is actually a good idea to just go explore the other buildings on campus. You’ll get a better sense of where everything is and you might even see some really interesting things that will encourage you to try out a class you never though you’d try. You might see an flyer for an event that sounds interesting to you. Get out of your comfort zone and see everything your university has to offer.

What tips do you have for rocking your first week back to class? Let us know in the comments!

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