Welcome back to another edition of Watch, Read, Make. This one’s special, because I’m back in school now (boo/yay). This week, we’ve got Alice Cooper dancing around like Satan with the Muppets, a breakdown of how one freelance blogger makes a living without a regular job-job, and a way to reuse your empties in order to heat up some water (science!). Check ‘em out and keep yourself busy this weekend.

Watch: You know how I know the past was sometimes much better than the present? Because in the past, apparently Alice Cooper could go on the Muppets, sing “School’s Out for Summer,” and everyone was just okay with that. Also delightful is the fact that Alice Cooper is some sort of unidentifiable goth clown and is doing a conga line with the Muppets while wearing a red leotard devil costume. This clip almost compensates for class. Almost.

Read: Are you interested in making money on the internet as a self-employed person? (Of course you are, you web 2.0-er!) Then read Dear Professional Blogger: How Do You Make Money? It’s a good outline of the upsides of self-employment (getting to do work you’re engaged in, not having to deal with office politics, and–in that particular author’s case–being able to travel regularly), while still making it clear that part of how you stay solvent as a freelancer is working all the time (something that Chuck Wendig, also a professional freelancer, is clear about). In general, posts from people that really specifically break down how their money is earned and spent are rare–the whole series of posts that that author links to in the original post are worth checking out if you’re at all interested in personal finance.

Make: This solar water heater made out of beer bottles (followed by several variants on the design) is delightful in every way. At least two of the versions of the water heater on the linked page appear to be do-able with pretty common supplies. If you’ve living anywhere where hot water is at a premium and/or you enjoy making things out of the remnants of your drinking, try making one. Impress your friends!