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College is a social experiment in itself. Being involved in student organizations is sometimes more demanding than a job in college. But since enterprise software like Exchange isn’t marketed towards college students and student organizations, there needs to be a new contender for collaborative software. Enter Wiggio.

I started using Wiggio this past semester to help organize a student government cabinet I was an assistant director in. I didn’t come up with the idea, but my chairperson did and I’ve not looked back since. Wiggio offers collaboration that is more professional than just Facebook, and allows for more features than a normal social networking.

Wiggio has Google Calendar integration, which similar systems like Google Apps offer, but not with the separate interface of a site like Wiggio. Group leaders can organize conference calls and have an amount of disk space for each account to uploaded necessary files.

Leaders can also poll their users and start virtual meetings and conference calls – my favorite feature. All over the state during summer break? Just find WiFi and go to your meeting.

Wiggio combines the best of worlds – disk space like Dropbox, conference calls like Skype, calendars like Google, and networking like Facebook – in one simple, free, collaboration suite.