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Many Twitter users check their timeline in more than one client. You may use a Twitter iOS or Android app for reading on the go and then check a desktop Twitter client on your laptop. But when you switch between clients, you lose your previous reading position, which can be a major annoyance and make for a less pleasant Twitter experience. For example, the official Twitter apps (Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.) will remember where you were in the timeline, but only within each individual app– you can’t make Twitter for Mac start where you left off on Twitter for iPhone. 

If you follow a lot of active Twitters, your timeline is probably constantly flowing with updates. With this setup, an important announcement could easily get buried in this stream. 

Manton Reece’s Tweet Marker is a tool for Twitter application developers that aims to solve this problem by setting and getting the “last read” tweet for a given Twitter user. So far, Twitterific for the Mac, iPhone and iPad, Tweetbot 1.6 for the iPhone, and Tweetings for Mac, iPhone, and iPad are the only clients that have integrated Tweet Marker into their clients. Tweet Marker works across multiple platforms and clients. You could sync your timeline between Tweetbot and Twitterific (on any device), and vice versa. 

Tweet Marker is an excellent service that adds great value to clients that support it. Let’s hope more Twitter developers will catch on and start taking advantage of Tweet Marker!

[via Macstories]