Yes, this happened. Image used with permission from College Info Geek

We’re all for dorm room DIY at HackCollege, but Thomas Frank at College Info Geek (who brought us the equally impressive hanging desk) has taken it to a previously unexplored level. The transformation has to be up there with Kelly’s wooden dorm floor as one of the most certifiably insane college transformations I’ve ever seen. 

Here’s the backstory: Thomas got a single room (jealous), but it was far too small to fit a couch, even with a traditional loft bed. He needed to get his bed off the ground without those wooden posts in the middle of the floor. His solution, naturally, was to build a massive hanging bed that keeps the vertical posts tucked in the corners of the room. And you know what, he fit a couch in there, and a pull-up bar to boot.

If you’re interested in doing this yourself, Thomas has written up a massive how-to post to walk you through the process. He may need another how-to later this year on how to keep members of the opposite sex from running for the hills when they see this thing, but for now let’s just appreciate a truly awesome display of college hacking.