It’s Friday! Time for weekend content fun. This week we’ve got a Google interview of Anderson Cooper, an anteater gif with spirit, and cake you can make in the microwave. Friday just got excellent.

Watch: This interview with Anderson Cooper (via the Huffington Post) at the Googleplex is really fascinating. In part, he’s just an engaging speaker–the man has seen a lot of things–but his focus on just going out and doing what seems interesting is really valuable for a college audience. If you’re feeling like your school lacks an emphasis on real-world application of what you’re learning, listen to his comments about Yale. He feels the same way, and as a result, he went out into war zones and started shooting news stories after graduation because it seemed like it would be interesting. When he speaks about his career trajectory, it certainly seems like he followed the small, go-nowhere project ethic in order to become a well-regarded newscaster.

Read: This Reddit thread of gifs which make people laugh is pretty much the best thing ever. My personal favorite is the anteater. I cannot stop laughing. If you’re having a less-than-stellar day, this will cheer you up.

Make: You know what’s better than vegetables? Cake. You know what’s even better than cake? Cake that has secret vegetables in it so you don’t die of malnutrition. You know what’s even better than secred malnutrition cake? Secret malnutrition cake that you can make in the microwave. Go forth and produce, readers!