The elephant just got a bit kinder.Evernote, my personal favorite note-taking service, has made a major announcement today. Free users, who can make up to 60MB of notes monthly and up to 25MB in one note, and who were previously allowed to only upload images, text, and PDF files are now allowed to upload any file – .doc, .ppt, and .xls are fair game.

Why should we care? This is the end of the need to save syllabi, lecture powerpoints, or any other class material in anywhere but Evernote. 

Of course, like all cloud services, Evernote should be backed up somewhere, but it allows you to make your Evernote notebook one inbox for all your files – be it all your class files, all your involvement files, or all your fantasy football files.

Evernote is making a great decision that benefits nearly all college students, who are notoriously cheap when it comes to monthly services (sans Netflix), by allowing them the same preference their Premium users use.