Offline Gmail’s two-paned interface. With web apps, your information is easily accessible no matter where you are… as long as you have an internet connection. If you were on a plane or a bus and wanted to catch up on your email, you’d be out of luck. Google rolled out a solution for this issue last week with its new versions of Offline Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Docs.

Only available to users of Google Chrome, the new HTML5-powered apps are still in early experimental stages. So while a lot of basic features are missing right now, keep in mind that Google promises that many of these, including support for other browsers, are coming in the near future.

To read, respond to, search and archive your messages, simply download the Gmail Offline beta from the Chrome Web Store. Whenever you are running Chrome with a network connection, Gmail Offline will download all of your messages. The app uses Gmail’s clean, two-column tablet interface and supports switching between multiple Gmail accounts.

To enable offline mode in Calendar or Docs, click “Offline” from the settings cog in the upper right corner. It’ll direct you to the Chrome Web Store to download the Google Calendar or Docs app. Right now, Google Calendar Offline only lets you view calendar events and RSVP to invitations, but the ability to add and edit events is on it’s way. Offline document editing is also in the works.

It looks like Google is set on developing a solution that will let you access your information anytime and anywhere, online or offline. Offline Gmail, Calendar and Docs is a big step in that direction.