“Watch, Read, Make” is our weekly dose of Friday fun to prepare you for the weekend. This week we have Louis CK, an analysis of the iPhone and the job market, and DIY shoes. Start Friday off with a bang!

Watch: The (very NSFW) footage of Louis CK commemorating Georgia Carlin comes from the Glorious Leader’s blog (he in turn got it from the Laughing Squid). The footage is nice in that it’s a sweet commemoration of a man that Louis CK clearly admired, but the lesson that he cites at the beginning–to set clear project goals, be unafraid to try something really new, and to quit doing what isn’t working–is easily applicable to college life. It’s also valuable for the honesty that Louis CK displays when talking about how scary it can be to really try something new. His act sucked for 15 years, and he still didn’t want to toss it out. The dynamic is the same as a biology major who hates his program but is scared to move to English. However, it was only after Louis CK made the switch that he began to experience real professional success. It’s something to keep in mind when you’re thinking about your own academic future.

Read: This post on why the iPhone isn’t creating jobs in America is fascinating and depressing in one fell swoop. Part of the issue that the study authors raise is that shifting production to the US would lower Apple’s profit margin on each phone to 50%, rather than 65%–depressing, but not surprising. Taken with this piece, which traces the sourcing of Kindle components, a less-discussed issue is raised: even if either company wanted to source production in the US, the US doesn’t have the manufacturing industry to build the electronic components the devices need. The comments on the first post raise the issue of R&D costs not being factored in to the original 65% profit margin statistic, and the arguments for and against the validity of the number which follow are really worth a read.

Make: I am obsessed with this one-piece shoe pattern. Hackers come up with all kinds of interesting soft circuit work, but I so rarely see people making their own shoes. If you’ve got a hankering for cobbling some up this weekend, snap a picture and send it to us! Until then, I’m going to stick to designing HackCollege shirts (coming soon–get excited).

Got any other things that have you excited this weekend? Let us know in the comments!