Apple’s iCloud data storage solution promises to solve many of the woes of accessing your documents on the go, unfortunately it’s not available yet and is an Apple ecosystem only solution. In the mean time, many app developers have elected to go with Dropbox syncing. Although we’re big fans of Dropbox’s simplicity, there are situations where it falls short. Take Apple’s iWork suite of iOS apps for example, in order to sync your documents over the air you require a MobileMe account or access to a WebDav server. You’re probably already keeping your class files in Dropbox, wouldn’t it be nice if Dropbox acted like WebDAV server? DropDAV is your answer.

DropDAV is your own personal WebDAV server that mirrors the contents of your Dropbox folder, essentially adding WebDAV functionality to Dropbox. Setting up DropDAV is ridiculously simple, just sign up for a DropDAV account and authorize the service to have access to Dropbox. Going forward, whenever you wish to have access to your Dropbox files in an application that only works with a WebDAV server, just point the app to and sign in with your DropDAV credentials.

Recently I’ve begun using OmniOutliner on my Mac and iPad to write and review class notes. With DropDAV, I’ve been able to seamlessly keep my notes in sync between both devices. Magical.

DropDAV costs $5 a month, however they offer a 14 day free trial to get you hooked.