DrinkOwl: Great deals adorable mascot = awesome.Finding a spare night to go out and let loose is a cornerstone of your college experience. You work hard all week, power through all your classes, read all those chapters, take pages of pages of notes, all so you can find at least one night to relax and spend some time with your friends.

DrinkOwl can help you have the best night possible for less. Downloading the app for iOS, Android, or BlackBerry or using it on the web opens a whole world of inexpensive drink opportunities. DrinkOwl locates you within your city, and then presents you, either on a map or on a list, with several options where there are reduced prices on drinks.

The app also categorizes (and with colored tabs, no less!) what kind of drinks are being served, whether mixed drinks, liquor, or beer so you don’t end up at a place that isn’t actully serving the kind of dinrk you were hoping for.

DrinkOwl lists over 50,000 drink specials and coupons in over 75 cities. San Antonio is one of those cities, though DrinkOwl is still working on providing the city with “Events” and “Coupons.” However, if all it does is provide me with which places have the cheapest drinks in town clostest to me, I am sold. The app also features liquor stores if you’d rather just go buy something and bring it back for a party at your own place.

The app is free to download and should be on the phone of any college student over 21.

Have you ever used DrinkOwl? What do you think of it? Let us know in the comments!

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