Milton Glaser – on the fear of failure. from Berghs' Exhibition '11 on Vimeo.

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Watch: This video of Milton Glaser talking about the fear of failure and personal success is delightful, if for no reason other than it’s personal branding explained by a person who (rightfully) thinks that “brand” is an awful term to apply to people. He cautions against pursuing professional success at the expense of personal development–doing the same single thing over and over is soul-crushing. He takes that as a jumping-off point for talking about fear of failure. The man’s advice is good, and you should watch it. (Via Preakness and Argyro.)

Read: This summary of MIT research up at BoingBoing talks about the fact that they’re looking into 3D printing as a way to make buildings. The idea is taht 3D printing, rather than traditional large-scale building techniques, opens up the possibility of organic shapes which are otherwise impossible. Personally, I’m just waiting until I can print myself a tree-yurt and call it a day.

Make: Glass etching (making frosted glass in patterns) is one of those crafts that I keep meaning to try. This article, via CRAFT, shows how to do it. Buy some cheap glasses from the dollar store and experiment–if you’re feeling some school love, you can use contact paper and etch your school’s name onto the glasses (a good gift for parents), and if not you can always etch other designs or phrases (like your name) onto them. Having interesting glassware, rather than plastic cups, is a sure-fire way to feel more like an adult.

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