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Watch, Read, Make is our weekly exploration of cool things to start off the weekend.

Watch: Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman are nerd royalty. This is them singing “I Google You,” which is about pretty much exactly what you think it would be about. Ten points for songs about embarrassing digital behavior! Twenty points for nerd collaborations!

Read: This is via BoingBoing. It’s an entire page of strange but delightful scientific knowledge. For example, have you ever seen a shelless turtle? There’s one on this page! It’s crazy! He’s supposed to be that way, but look at him. He’s like a pancake with flippers. The whole page is a round up of delightfully strange science facts that are well worth your while. (In other cute animal news, you should also check out this picture of a turtle flapping his little flippers.)

Make: So these Star Wars AT-AT Walker pancakes seem like the best Sunday morning project ever. If one of you makes them, you can have a prize and my everlasting admiration. If you’re still craving some foodstuff manufacture, you should grab one of these Back to the Roots kits. They allow you to grow your own edible mushrooms in a box full of coffee grounds. I have a kit, and mine sprouted earlier this week. The tops of the mushrooms are now roughly the size of coffee mugs. It’s awesome/alarming.