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Scott Young’s thirst for knowledge is truly remarkable. Not only is he attempting to complete a 4 year MIT Computer Science degree in only 12 months, he won’t be receiving credit for any of his work. Scott is famous for his ebooks and online courses that teach advanced and alternative learning skills; helping students to learn faster with greater understanding of the material. Although he’s a recent graduate, he’s decided to put his teachings to the test, returning to the virtual classroom through his MIT Challenge.

I encourage you to follow along with Scott in his journey, what he’s attempting is incredible. It’s a shame he won’t be receiving any credit for his work, or is it? This is a perfect example of a student taking learning beyond classroom, a student who is taking their education into their own hands. Although Scott won’t have a piece of paper that says he’s an MIT grad, there’s no question that if he succeeds he’ll be as proficient as one. This relates to Kelly’s sentiments outlined in his essay “Fixing Computer Science College Education” Students should be encouraged to learn outside of the classroom, whether it be through personal projects, attending events such as conferences and hackathons or through ambitious challenges like Scott Young’s MIT Challenge. Even though you won’t be rewarded in credit, the experience gained will be invaluable.

What are you doing beyond the classroom?