Watch, Read, Make is our weekly column of cool things to make your weekend awesome.

Watch: So, fun fact, I have the worst head cold I have ever had right now*, and I cannot stop humming songs from the They Might Be Giants kids’ album because I am maybe a little zonked out on CVS-brand knockoff Dayquil. I present “I Am a Paleontologist,” which is my favorite, because I can substitute “anthropologist” in to the last part and it’s great. Substitute in your major and annoy your roommates!

Read: Some of the people on staff** make fun of Laura and me for how much we love our Kindles. But without my Kindle, I would not be able to kill time during my illness with this Mark Bittman Kindle single with so very little inconvenience. (I mean, I could also read it on my laptop, but that’s hard when you’re lying prone.) For $2.99, you get a lovely manifesto about the importance of cooking and–more important for college audiences–an excellent breakdown of what you should have in your kitchen that is cheap and long-lasting. There are also awesome recipes at the end of the book that will allow you to avoid grocery shopping for weeks at a time while still making you look like you know how to be an adult. Mark Bittman has your back.

Make: When I’m sick, I pretty much just want soft sugary things, which results in me subsisting off of peanut butter smoothies for dinner. Since that’s pretty much an awful idea, I present to you instead what I will be making for dinner tonight in order to regain strength/stave off scurvy: pear pancakes. Fancy enough that you won’t quite feel like you’re doing breakfast for dinner, and full of delicious, nearly-seasonal fruit! Nom.

* Not true, but it sucks pretty bad. 

** Shep.