It’s a screencap of an article on Yellow Highlighter Pen highlighted using Yellow Hightlighter Pen. Inception.As you comb diligently through articles and papers when working on a research project, you will undoubtably come across a passage or a sentence that makes you pause, either because it confuses or intrigues you. If you wanted to ask your professor about the passage in question, but didn’t want to simply copy and paste the quote into an email without the proper context, what would you do? Why, you would install the Chrome extension Yellow Highlighter Pen.

Yellow Highlighter Pen is an unobtrusive browser extension for Chrome that allows you to highlight a passage from an online article, and then provides you with a unique link to that article with the selected passage that you highlighted. It’s a rather simply premise, but a very helpful one for students who are constantly sharing articles with professors and peers within their major. Just the other day while doing research for my communication thesis, an article that I was reading had a section that went along with the research that one of my friends was doing. Had I had this extension then, I could have sent her the article with only the section relevant to her research highlighted.

Additionally, this tool is great for sharing links through social media sites. Sometimes posting links on Twitter to long articles is great to prove a point, but 99% of people are not going to read the entire article. To get your point across with an article, highlight the particular sections of the article that you found appealing and then post it to Twitter.

What do you think of the Yellow Highlighter Pen? Do you find it a useful tool for students in sharing information more quickly? Let us know in the comments!

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