There’s a lot to be excited about for Kindle owners these days. Whether you’re excited about the new hardware on the way, or using free 3G data while studying abroad, the Kindle’s a great buy for a number of students. For students without a smartphone though, it could afford to pick up a few extra features. Luckily, Kindletodo is a web app that adds a to-do list, calendar, and notepad to any Kindle. 

Simply visit on the Kindle’s rudimentary browser to get started. The rest is pretty self-explanatory. You can add and check off to-do items, access a simple calendar (though it doesn’t handle events, so it’s utility is essentially nonexistent), and type away on a notepad if you’re struck with a moment of inspiration.

Obviously, this won’t be a life changer for many of us, but if you don’t have a smartphone, and tend to carry your Kindle around, it could certainly come in handy.

[Via Lifehacker]