With so many gadgets and gizmos in our possession nowadays, there’s also a litany of cables accompanying all our electronics. While most new purchases come with what you need (save for those greedy printer manufacturers unwilling to eat the cost of USB cables), you never know when you’ll need a spare USB, Ethernet, or power cable. On top of that, it’s really, really handy to have extra cables lying around. For all your cable, adapters, and accessory needs, visit Monoprice.

For example, because I own an extra Figure 8 AC Power Cord, I don’t have to reach underneath my desk to unplug and replug the power cable for my laptop charger every day. $0.83 + a few dollars shipping is definitely worth the trouble it saves me every morning and evening! Similarly, it’s great to have extra micro USB cables or Apple Dock Connector ($4.04 at Monoprice vs. $19 at the Apple Store) cables around your dorm or apartment so you don’t have to unplug one cable and move it around, or if friends come over and want to charge their smartphone. Finally, the last great thing about Monoprice is that it carries those hard-to-find Mini DisplayPort/Thunderbolt Adapters for Apple laptops (and for much less than the Apple store too!) Each adapter costs about $7 + a few dollars shipping on Monoprice compared to Apple’s exorbitant $29 price tag. These are obviously essential for running a dual-monitor setup or presentations with an Apple laptop.

I’ve owned many assorted Monoprice cables and adapters and they’ve always worked perfectly, so be confident that you’re getting fantastic quality despite the lower price. Poke around on their website to find all tons of geeky and cool stuff available for dirt cheap! Some of my favorites include: 3.5mm stereo plug splitters (perfect for sharing headphones), cheap USB hubs, and Wii component cables (only $2.72!). The bottom line is that Monoprice rocks for college students: its products are inexpensive yet high-quality, and it’s got fantastic customer service.

What have you found on Monoprice that you’d recommend to others? Have you found any other sites like this? Let us know in the comments!

[Photo courtesy of kalleboo. Licensed under CC BY-2.0.]