[Image courtesy of MandyDax. Licensed under CC BY SA NC 2.0.]

Watch, Read, Make is your weekly guide to cool things to do for your weekend.

So–true story–this week has involved a lot of behind-the-scenes shuffling here at HackCollege HQ. As a result, my Friday column from last week got lost. So, apologies if you’ve seen any of this from me before! Hopefully it’ll all be awesome the second time around.

Watch: You know what’s adorable? Tiny children. You know what’s awesome? Trebuchets. You know what’s adorabawesome? Small children building a trebuchet. Sometimes college can be kind of a bummer because you you feel a little disconnected from what you’re learning. So, remind yourself that knowledge can sometimes be applied! Delightfully! Then go build something neat. (via BoingBoing)

Read: One of the awesome parts about college (particularly now that we’re finishing up midterms) is that you can travel pretty easily. So, check out this guide to shoving a weekend’s worth of travel gear into a tote/messenger bag and hit the road before it gets too cold. The author suggests using a giant scarf to hide the fact that you’re traveling in your pajamas–a tip that works just as well for class as it does on the bus. Though maybe avoid the legging-pants.

Make: Courtesy of Laura, we have these wine bottle jack-o-lanterns. Stick a few outside of your dorm room door. You’ll win the delight of your hall mates and the faint horror/amusement of your RA! (If little kids trick-or-treat in your dorms, you may want to stash these. Though the parents will probably get a kick out of them.)