College is one of the busiest times in a student’s life. Between involvement meetings, classes, work, internships, and the plan for the great beyond – be it grad school, professional school, or the “real world” – exercise usually gets compartmentalized.

It shouldn’t be. Hack your workout just like you  can hack your studying, your roommate relations, and your marketability for internships and employment.

I’ve had difficulty scheduling times for workouts and eating healthy, so I’ve done all I can to make it effortless by adding apps to my smartphone that can test my fitness. Check them out below.

C25K Pro ($1.99)

Couch 2 5K is a popular initiative to get couch potatoes like me in shape for a 5K. Honestly, I’ve not left Week 1 yet, but when I am able to get out and run, this is my favorite app. It trains you according to the program, and the $1.99 price tag is worth it for the music controls which allow you to sync songs and playlist to the app.

Drop and Give Me Twenty

Want better abs? Who doesn’t? Drop and Give Me Twenty allows you to push-up or sit-up using your Android phone and tracks your progress. The fit tests for me showed that I had problems doing a sit-up, and after a few weeks, my number per minute have improved drastically.


I’ve used a lot of online diet sites like MyPlate and DailyBurn, but I like MyFitnessPal because there’s no “premium” version like the other versions hype, and you get the full analysis you need, with a social aspect and no price tag. And a working Android app, which popular competitor DailyBurn can’t yet advertise.


RunKeeper has become a popular app among both iOS and Android users and continues to get better. It recently added strength training support and allows people who hate running (me) to see their progress and complex statistics that are automatically calculated. I highly recommend RunKeeper.

[Cover image taken by Scarygami and licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0. App icons used by fair use from Android Market.]