If you’re navigating the web on your iOS device, it can be pretty difficult to go where you want while keeping everything readable (especially if you’re using an iPhone or iPod Touch). It’s infinitely easier to just browse with a full keyboard and mouse on a large screen! But if you’re stuck with nothing but an iPhone to make it through that one lecture that always puts you to sleep, here’s a list of tips I’ve compiled to better navigate around Safari.

1. To quickly jump to the top of the page, tap the status bar. This is way easier than having to scroll up over and over, especially for long pages.
2. Double tap the bottom or top third of a page to incremental scroll in that direction. This is just a nice option to know about, for it’s often a lot easier to just flick to scroll.
3. Double tap any other point on the page to zoom in, then double tap again to zoom out. This is much quicker and easier than pinching to zoom.
4. When typing into the address bar, if you’re visiting a “.com” domain, just type the main part of the domain name and omit the “.com”. Safari will automatically enter it for you and send you to the proper page.
5. When using the search text field, if you scroll down on the results page, you can find entries that match your search term for that specific page. This works like the Find function for your desktop browser.
6. If you’re browsing in bed and the orientation keeps changing on you, double tap the home button to open up multitasking, swipe left, and you should see a lock icon on the left. Tap it to turn on/off rotation and force Safari to remain in portrait or landscape mode no matter what orientation you’re using to browse.
7. To open a link in a new page instead of the current one, tap and hold a link instead of just tapping it.

Have you discovered any other iOS Safari browsing tips? Let us know in the comments!

[Photo courtesy of Charm2010. Licensed under CC BY-2.0.]