Watch, Read, Make is your weekly guide to cool things to start off your weekend.

Watch: CollegeInfoGeek has been doing a really interesting series of interviews with folks lately. The most recent one is with an Iowa State University student, Mike Naughton, a developer for a startup called Fundle who’s also a student at Iowa State University. It’s always interesting to see interviews with folks who are still in school, because it shows that you can still do cool things while you’re a full-time student. The interview also contains a good explanation of what a Startup Weekend event is, if you’re curious. The takeaway is to be open to cool things, even if they’re on non-traditional paths, and to not let your job as a student stop you from producing cool content.

Read: If your school uses Blackboard and you’re interested in the Creative Commons, you should check out this piece on a recent change in Blackboard’s policy regarding members of the public downloading course content (via BoingBoing). Part of the way that this is being managed is through a partnership with the CC folks themselves, which is an interesting collaboration. The takeaway from this is that open courses can now be hosted on Blackboard, which–if that’s your professor’s only option for hosting content–is pretty rad.

Make: Pumpkins are delightful in that they are full of delicious, delicious nutrients and–given the season–super cheap. If you’re a fan of roasted pumpkin seeds, take it one step further with this spiced pumpkin seed brittle (via CRAFT). You can either hull your own pumpkin seeds, or buy them (or any other tree nut) pre-done, and from there the recipe is basically butter and spices. The spices themselves might be trickier/more expensive to obtain, but it’s pretty likely that between your friends who have kitchens, you’ll be able to round them up.