This post mostly exists to introduce you guys to The Verge, an awesome new tech blog run by a bunch of former Engadget editors, and to share an article written by David Pierce, formerly of HackCollege fame. Congrats, David!

If you’re lucky enough to own an iPhone 4S, you’ve probably used the hell out of Siri so far. She’s great for getting you a cab from the frat party, keeping track of your busy schedule, and telling you stories, but you may not know that she eats up a bit of data on every request.

If you use Siri about 4-6 times per day, you should budget about 10 MB of 3G data per month. No, that’s not a tremendous amount, certainly less than I had expected, but it’s potentially dangerous if you’re on a low end data plan with absurd overage charges.

If you’re worried, be sure to stay on Wi-Fi whenever possible, and limit the transcribed text messages you send from the car.

[Ars Technica via The Verge]