Today we’re happy to announce the HackCollege School Finder, a revolutionary new socially-aware college directory covering over 7000 colleges in the US! In addition to standard school directory information like location and curriculum, here are the unique features that set the HackCollege School Finder apart.

Social Scanning

The directory will automatically scan Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter for mentions of every school, and give you an overview of which schools are getting the most buzz on the web.

Live, Unfiltered Ratings

Every social media mention will also be analyzed for positive and negative sentiment, giving you access to live, unfiltered reviews of every school, directly from the students who attend.

Explore Campus Area

Drill down and explore any school’s surrounding area to find the most popular student hangouts. Whether it’s bookstores, coffee shops, banks, or restaurants, you can find it on the HackCollege School Finder.